CONVAL® - THE software solution for engineers, planners and operators of industrial plants

CONVAL® has extensive calculation options for components and procedures in the process industry.
Proven practices according to DIN, VDI, VDMA EN/ISO standards or ISA, ASME, API etc. are used as a basis. This ensures that the correct calculation basis is always available even in international projects.
With the latest version 11 there are many new features and improvements. Try CONVAL® 11 today and use the 14 day trial license that comes with all our versions.

The largest database of device manufacturers in a software.

CONVAL® guarantees a flexible and professional use without having to forego specific manufacturer data due to its absolute independence from device manufacturers.

A constantly growing range of control and safety valves, bursting discs, flowmeters and much more ensures a seamless calculation process for your projects.
If you still use devices that are not available in CONVAL®, it offers an easy way to enter this data. We are also happy to support you with the implementation of your own data in the program.

Calculations with different fluids and materials

The range of available calculations extends from control and safety valves, flowmeters and thermometer protection tubes to pipeline calculations, heat exchangers or pumps.

The calculations are always based on an extensive substance database for pure substances as well as mixtures, whose properties can be calculated depending on pressure and temperature.
If you require high accuracy, media properties at high pressures or low temperatures, the data can be calculated on the basis of thermodynamic equations of state.
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