Integration and Data Exchange

CONVAL® is not intended to be an island solution. It is therefore supplied with a large number of interfaces which allow it to be linked conveniently to other software.

It is capable of communicating with almost any kind of application, such as CAE, measuring point management, ERP and order processing systems as well as with the standard Office applications.

Many products available from other manufacturers offer this integration as a standard feature.

If your particular software is not compatible, we can help you plan and implement customized integrations within the framework of individual projects.

Customized CONVAL® modules and versions

Depending on the nature of your business, it may be necessary to customize CONVAL® to the specific requirements of your company. The Sales departments of control valve manufacturers, for instance, often demand a valve design version that is tailored to their enterprise's unique needs, product range and order processing system.

We develop and license customized variants of our software for this purpose.

CONVAL® independent solutions

Together with AVS GmbH, our sister company, we develop customized software for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, such as Busoness Porcess Management System, Engineering Data Management System or Document Management.