CONVAL® 11 Release Start

Language support for English, Chinese, and German (further languages will come)


  • Update of the supported calculation standards to the most recent version
  • Guaranteed compatibility with the latest Windows versions



  • Revised user interface
  • Advanced import and export functions
  • Improved support for high-resolution monitors

Substance Database

  • Measured values for enthalpy, entropy, surface tension
  • Improved calculation of substance mixtures
    Option to enter mass and molar percentage data
  • Support of solutions, acids etc.
    Concentration-dependent substance properties
  • Support for substance names for additional languages besides German and English

New: Actuated Valves

  • Sizing and selection of actuators for part-turn on/off valves
    - WIB RP S 2812-X-19
    - ISO-TC153-SC
  • Graphical analysis of valve and actuator torques
  • Database for actuators
  • Database for on/off valves
  • Favorites lists for device manufacturers in the valve and actuator selection

Control Valves

  • Improved calculation of downstream resistors
  • Revised printout of characteristic curves
  • Extended control valve database
  • Improved valve selection with favorites list for valve manufacturers
  • Calculation of steam cooling valves

Differential Pressure Flow Elements

  • Extended uncertainty calculation according to ISO 5168
    Sensitivity coefficients
  • Update of the calculation for nozzles according to ISO 5167-3
  • Calculation of wedge flowmeters according to ISO 5167-6
  • Support of GB/T 2624 standard
  • Extended calculation of cone meters Includes the calculation of the required straight inlet and outlet lengths

Restriction Orifices

  • Calculation of multi-stage expansion (automatic and manual)
  • Improved stress calculation (ASME 31,3 / AD 2000 / ISO 5167 etc.), especially for multi-hole orifice plates

Pressure Loss

  • Pressure loss with NPSH calculation

Pressure Relief Valves

  • Calculation of two-phase flow
    - API 520
    - ISO 4126-10
  • Revised user interface with recommendations for the valve design
  • Favorites lists for valve manufacturers and enhanced filter options in the valve selection

Rupture Discs

  • Calculation of two-phase flow
    - API 520
    - ISO 4126-10


  •  Calculation of the maximum allowable working stress in a wider temperature range

Pipe Wall Thickness

  •  Pipe wall thickness calculation according to ASME B31.3

Level Calibration

  • Media in the columns from database
    Consideration of temperature changes affecting the density
  • Improved uncertainty calculation
    (For example, to check the influence of the ambient temperature with tanks with two liquids)

Details about other improvements and error corrections can be found on the download page in the version history and in the known bugs section.