CONVAL® Service Release 12.1

The new service release for CONVAL 12 is now available for download.



  • Minor improvements and fixes for stability problems
  • User-defined fields are indicated when they are linked to a calculation.
  • Fixed issues printing multilingual user-defined fields.
  • Fixed issues with printing graphics in headers or footers.
  • Issues with the duplicate check when opening and copying calculations with gas or fluid mixtures have been fixed.
  • Minor improvements when exporting calculations
  • Improved functions for automatic saving of calculations
  • Ability to repair databases via an Internet download function
  • Improved compatibility when opening calculations created with older CONVAL versions
  • Revised help system

Control Valves

  • Display of a warning on the first dialog page if the valve does not cover the operating point
  • Improved calculation of the mass vapor content at the valve outlet
  • The mass flow rate for the heat exchanger feed can be calculated by entering the heat requirement of the heat exchanger.
  • Display of viscosity for two-phase flow in standard view
  • Corrections in calculation of cavitation index for two phase flow
  • Minor improvements and fixes for stability issues

Actuator Forces of Control Valves

  • The stem diameter is now applied when importing a control valve calculation.

Differential Pressure Flow Elements

  • The flow meter calculation according to ISO/TR 15377 has been updated to the 2023 edition.
  • The flow meter calculation according to ASME PTC 19.5 has been updated to the 2022 edition.
  • The calculation of residual pressure loss Δϖ for venturi tubes and venturi nozzles has been revised.
  • Fixed issues with opening calculations created with CONVAL 5 or 6.
  • Inconsistencies in in the presentation of the required outlet lengths for 0.5% uncertainty have been fixed.
  • Minor improvements

Restriction Orifice Plates

  • The calculation of multistage designs has been revised:
    -    Correction of stability issues
    -    Table display with unit information
    -    Option for constant nominal diameter of each orifice plate

Rupture Discs

  • Improved calculation of rupture discs for two-phase flow with manual input of the mass flux

Pressure Relief Valves

  • Improved calculation of the mass vapor content in the valve outlet
  • Corrections in the calculation of the mass flow in a fire case
  • Corrections in calculation of pipe data (pressure losses, reaction forces, etc.) with the required mass flow rate
  • Improved notification when valve dimensions are not in accordance with API 526
  • Improved notification when the orifice size is too small for flashing valves
  • Minor improvements and fixes for stability issues


  • The graph setting for the stress analysis of thermowells is saved with the calculation. A default value can be set in the program options.
  • Minor improvements

Shell-and-tube Heat Exchangers

  • Minor improvements to the input of mass and volume flow rates

Substance Calculation

  • Calculation of melting temperature of pure substances and mixtures
  • Calculation of the dew point temperature of humid gases
  • Calculation of the Wobbe index to characterize the quality of fuel gases (e.g. natural gas, city gas)
  • Searching the substance database in all languages supported

Pressure Relief Valves Database

  • Minor improvements and fixes for stability issues

COM Server

  • Fixed issues with releasing memory when the COM server is running for a while




  • Direct availability of new functions that would otherwise only be rolled out with a release upgrade
  • Update of the supported calculation standards to the most recent version
  • Guarantee of compatibility with the latest Windows versions
  • Continuous updates for quality assurance and bug fixing


CONVAL supports different licensing variants:

  • Network licenses, which are installed on any workstation or server in your company, and which manage the number of simultaneous users of CONVAL. The installation of the actual calculation software can be done locally on the client or on a network share.
  • Personal licenses, which are provided by F.I.R.S.T. GmbH in the cloud and are bound to a named user. These licenses can be checked out temporarily so that work is still possible even without an Internet connection.


  • Clear, contrast-optimized calculation forms based on popular office programs
  • Input pane with variable width for optimum use of the screen width
  • Dynamic fading in and out of parameter captions in multi-column input mask when width is changed
  • Improved scaling support for high-resolution screens
  • Language support for English, Chinese, German, and Russian



  • Revised help system
  • Setting option for the font of tables for the printout
  • User-defined fields   
    - User-defined fields can be entered in multiple languages.   
    - Drop-down lists with or without the option of free input are supported.   
    - Notes can be added to all the user-defined fields.
  • Templates   
    - Extended options for creating and managing calculation templates   
    - Improved support for export templates in Excel formatRevised user interface

Control Valves

  • Minor improvements and fixes for stability issues
  • CONVAL now also supports valves of the "Dilating Disk" type (valves with an iris shutter-like mechanism).
  • Improved calculation of fluid conditions in the Vena Contracta of multi-stage valves
  • More accurate sound calculation for multi-stage valves if the data of the last stage is not known
  • Improved recommendation for the optimum Cv100 value when several operating points are given
  • Display of flow velocities in the upstream and downstream pipe for all operating points
  • When printing out calculations with diaphragm valves, the valve stroke is not displayed

Actuated Valves

  • Adaptation to the recently issued version of ISO 5115 " Industrial valves - Part-turn valve actuation" (11/2023)

Differential Pressure Flow Elements

  • The calculation of differential pressure flow elements now supports the input of up to three operating points. The names of the operating points can be customized.
  • For concentric orifices, in addition to the pressure tapping points defined in the standards, the distances between the pressure tapping points can optionally be entered freely.
  • Improved design when using the calculation reference "C and ε with 2/3 sqm" by displaying both operating states
  • Calculation of the permanent pressure loss Δϖ for Venturi tubes
  • Improved support of the extended uncertainty calculation in tables and graphs
  • Numerous other minor improvements

Restriction Orifices

  • Minor improvements and correction of stability issues in multi-hole orifice calculation
  • Table view of individual orifices in multi-stage arrangements with more detailed information
  • Display of inlet and outlet flow velocities

Pressure Relief Valves

  • Minor improvements and fixes for stability issues
  • Calculation of the property data in the outlet of the safety valve, including the calculation of the mass vapor content for flashing liquids.
  • Determination of the mass flow to be discharged in the event of thermal expansion in blocked heat exchangers, pipelines, and vessels (thermal relief valves)
  • Determination of the maximum pressure of the blocked pipeline in the event of thermal expansion in pipelines
  • Calculation of the banking-up pressure at the valve outlet with supercritical gas flow
  • Calculation of the discharge function Ψ and Discharge power Φ for compressible flow
  • Graphic display of the corrections for the discharge coefficient for back pressure and lift stop
  • Calculation of the steam pressure coefficient for steam according to ISO 4126-7
  • Improved calculation of two-phase flow pressure relief valves
  • Display of the maximum mass flow rate (maximum mass flow rate = certified mass flow rate / 0.9)
  • Calculation of pipe data (pressure losses, reaction forces, etc.) optionally with the required mass flow rate instead of the maximum mass flow rate
  • Improved support of temperature-dependent curves for the maximum set pressure
  • Improved calculation of safety valves according to API 526 (08/2023)


  • Thermowell calculation now supports input of up to three operating points. The names of the operating points can be customized.
  • Pass/Fail analysis of dimensions, frequencies, and stress limits for up to three operating points
  • Stress analysis can now show the dependence of stress limits on frequency ratio, flow velocity, and now flow rate.

Tank Depressurization

  • Minor improvements and fixes for stability issues
  • Display of flow velocity at valve outlet

Rupture Discs

  • Improved calculation of two-phase flow rupture discs

Pipe Wall Thickness

  •  Pipe wall thickness calculation according to ASME B31.3

Substance Database

  • Numerous viscous oils have been added to the substance database.
  • Improved calculation of mixtures of liquids and gases
  • Calculation of isothermal compressibility χ for media from the Thermodynamics module

License Management

  • Temporary check-out and check-in of network and named user licenses so you can continue to work without a net-work connection.
  • Optimized settings to make it easier to find available licenses


Details about other improvements and error corrections can be found on the download page in the version history and in the known bugs section.

The service release can be downloaded free of charge.